An Advocacy Primer, 4th Edition

An Advocacy Primer, 4th Edition

By Lee Stuesser


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Date: 01/12/2015

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Carswell, Canada


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The book provides a complete, succinct and practical discussion of how to litigate effectively a civil or criminal matter through the trial process to appeal. With an emphasis on organization, the reader is given practical information on the preparation and litigation of a case, from the initial client interview, through the pre-trial process, to preparing and organizing for trial, conduct of the trial itself, and then the appeal process. At each stage, the author provides helpful tips and examples designed to build the kind of advocacy skills that lead to winning results.

This fourth edition has updated the material and case law and provides more examples to assist in the conduct of both criminal and civil trials. New segments include:

  • Use of technology, including additional material on the use of electronic trial books, and a new section on the use of PowerPoint at trial.
  • Discovery planning
  • Police and third party disclosure obligations
  • Use of visual aids in closing submissions
  • Sequence of questioning

In addition, the sections on the competency of child witnesses and the admissibility of expert evidence have been significantly revised.

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