Aviation Regulation & Licensing: Laws of Australia

Aviation Regulation & Licensing: Laws of Australia

By Gary Heilbronn


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Date: 14/08/2008

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Aviation Regulation and Licensing – The Laws of Australia is a unique text expertly written by Dr Gary N Heilbronn to cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of aviation regulation and licensing in Australia.

This text is a practical guide to the procedures and licensing requirements of aviation industry businesses and personnel. It covers aircraft registration and parts approval, the monitoring of licence breaches, appeal and review mechanisms and commercial controls at both the international and domestic level. The text also discusses relevant competition and trade practices issues and analyses the administration of safety and technical aspects of civil aviation in Australia. These discussions are prefaced by an explanation of the basic theoretical principles of airspace ownership and territorial boundaries.

The principles-based approach ensures the text is concise, informative and easy to use. Its clarity will assist aviation professionals to grasp the nature and extent of the obligations and rights relating to their professional activities and the operations that they are licensed to perform. This clarity, together with breadth and depth of coverage, makes this text an essential reference tool for the busy practitioner and student.

This material is also published as part of Subtitle 34.2 “Aviation” of The Laws of Australia legal encyclopaedia.

Editorial Reviews

From: (2009) 83 ALJ 566, August 2009
Reviewed by PWY

This book originally appeared as part of The Laws of Australia.
There are a number of areas of activity where there is little case law and few disputes coming before the courts yet the activity is one where a large number of citizens are affected. Aviation is one such field.
The author in his preface acknowledges that the present work may be regarded as esoteric but rightly says that it will fill a gap in the reference literature available to legal and aviation professionals. As the Preface says, the book aims to provide assistance to those involved in the many facets of aviation regulation and licensing. It fulfils those aims admirably.
The principal section headings demonstrate the scope of the work. These include, Legal Status and Ownership of Australian Airspace, International Law and Regulation; Technical and Safety Regulation and Regulatory Agencies in Australia, Air Navigation Facilities and Services, Aircraft Accident Investigation, Aircraft Regulation and Certification, Maintenance Systems, Pilots, Flight Crew and other Personnel, Prohibited Activities on Aircraft, Offences, and Charter Flights.
As one would expect from a work from The Laws of Australia, the material is arranged in strangely numbered paragraphs. However, apart from the numbering system, the principles are clearly expressed and each paragraph has copious footnotes mostly noting the applicable regulation or administrative ruling. Although most of the work is concerned with noting regulations, as the seven-page table of cases shows, there are also references to the applicable caselaw.
While this is not the sort of book one would take to bed and read at length, it would be an invaluable handbook for those whose work focuses on aviation.

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