Business Law for Managers 4th ed

Business Law for Managers 4th ed


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Date: 21/12/2016

Code: 9780455238807

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Business Law for Managers 4th edition is a concise and focussed examination of the issues which need to be covered in an undergraduate business law unit. This edition incorporates the entirety of Concise Australian Commercial Law (CACL), an abridged version of Turner and Trone’s Australian Commercial Law 30th edition (ACL) compiled by Roger Gamble of Monash University. In addition, Ben French has included two chapters: Employment Law; and Anti-discrimination Law and Equal Employment Opportunity Law, thereby ensuring the work meets the specific requirements of the business law unit at Griffith University.


Case summaries throughout the text help to illustrate key principles of particular interest to readers. Students undertaking business law studies will no doubt find this text a comprehensive and valuable resource.

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