Carver on Charterparties 2nd Edition Book+eBook

Carver on Charterparties 2nd Edition Book+eBook


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Date: 11/01/2021

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Carver on Charterparties, in conjunction with Carver on Bills of Lading, covers the ground of the classic 1982 treatise Carver’s Carriage by Sea. Carver on Charterparties is a major new work of thematic synthesis and analysis that seeks to re-establish Carver as the leading narrative authority in a fundamental area of shipping law. Its discursive and encyclopedic approach offers an alternative to that provided in Scrutton on Charterparties and Bills of Lading.


  • Explains charterparties, their nature and characteristics
  • Covers the parties, formation and interpretation of the charterparty as a contract
  • Describes how charterparties apply to the vessel, the cargo and the voyage
  • Discusses cargo claims
  • Examines demise, time and voyage charterparties
  • Addresses laytime and demurrage
  • Analyses discharge by frustration and breach
  • Covers damages and other remedies

Table of Contents

1.   Charterparties: Nature and Characteristics
2.   The Charterparty as a Contract
3.   The Vessel
4.   The Voyage
5.   Cargo Claims
6.   Demise/ Bareboat Charterparties
7.   Time Charters
8.   Voyage Charterparties
9.   Laytime and Demurrage
10. Discharger of Contractual Obligations
11. Damages for Breach of Charterparty
12. The Measure of Damages for Particular Types of Breach
13. Other Remedies


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