Connect 4 - Bidders & Target Statements

Connect 4 - Bidders & Target Statements


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Date: 01/09/2010

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Connect 4 - Bidders & Target Statements

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Available Formats

Format Title Date Code Price
Online Connect 4 - New Issues 01/09/2010 30129602 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Takeovers & Mergers 01/09/2010 30133704 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Expert Reports 01/09/2010 30117486 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Company Announcements 01/09/2010 30124235 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Boardroom 01/09/2010 30121514 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Annual Reports 01/09/2010 30145437 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Listing Rule Waivers 01/09/2010 30127549 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Prospectuses 01/09/2010 30142055 N/A
Online Connect 4 - Bidders & Target Statements 01/09/2010 30121444 N/A



Find out about the Connect 4 Boardroom Remuneration Review here

ASX listed company intelligence

Track and analyse takeovers and mergers, capital raisings, auditing and accounting practices, corporate governance and compliance.

Get access to information on companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Connect 4 databases and analysis will help you understand the activities of publicly listed companies, give you the business intelligence and industry knowledge that you need to get deals over the line, provide better advice and services, and conduct successful litigation.

The Connect 4 suite is designed for professionals in the legal, accounting and financial services industries and supports the needs of CEOs and CFOs making acquisition, investment and market intelligence decisions.

Connect 4 categorises and extracts key information, then presents it in a format you can understand, enabling you to spend more time providing real solutions to your clients and making fully informed business decisions.
• Access to the various Connect 4 databases gives you the tools to: 
•  Monitor and stay on top of market trends and activity 
•  Source a massive collection of full text documents as examples of how best to structure deals and draft documents 
•  Track competitors and their clients 
•  Benchmark services and price thresholds against competitors 
•  Identify and research acquisition targets.


Company Announcements
Connect 4 - Company Announcements
is the ideal tool for staying up to date with the activities of ASX listed companies. It combines all the benefits of alerting functionality with an extensive archive dating back to September 1998. Whether you need to stay on top of the events of the day or perform deep-dive company research Connect 4 - Company Announcements is the product for you.

Company Announcements Alerts are easy to set and reliable to use. You can:
•  receive email or SMS alerts;
•  configure alerts by Company Name, ASX Code and Announcement type or GICS Industry;
•  ensure you receive only what you need by filtering Alerts by announcement type; and
•  research.

The Connect 4 - Takeovers database provides an in-depth summary of every takeover of an ASX listed company in Australia from 1997 onwards. The depth of its archive is only matched by the comprehensive nature of its summaries. Detailed bid information is provided including: bid value; revised bid details; detailed offer descriptions; directors’ recommendations; break fees and takeover results. All in an easy to use and searchable format updated on a weekly basis.

You can track particular deals, analyse market trends, monitor competitors or look for real examples of deal structures and approaches. Additional financial details associated with Takeover targets are also available, including price/book value; earnings before interest and tax (EBIT); price/earnings ratio; share premiums; net assets per share and implied market value

New Issues
Our daily updated Connect 4 - New Issues database is a comprehensive review of capital raisings in Australia. It includes a range of document types, including initial public offerings; rights issues; entitlements; bonuses and placements and share purchase plans.

For each initial public offering (IPO), a fundamental pricing analysis is included which details market price on listing, closing price and closing price after three months. Relevant dates are also included and provide the date announced, date of lodgement, closing date, and the date of listing.

A breakdown of fees by type of professional is also available, enabling you to research and benchmark professional costs associated with each new issue. As with all Connect 4 databases there is an extensive archive dating back to January 1998. Records also contain direct links to the original documents.

Expert Reports
Expert Reports is a database of specialist reports which have been produced on behalf of ASX Listed companies. The reports which comprise this collection deal with topics such as mergers/schemes; acquisitions; divestments; capital reductions; buybacks; reconstructions; de-mergers; takeovers; dual listings; spin offs and many more.

The database contains an archive dating back to 1992 searchable by expert report author, company and date range.

Listing Rules Waivers
The Connect 4 - Listing Rules Waivers database provides a consolidated view of all waivers to the ASX listing rules issued since January 1998.

Using the Connect 4 - Listing Rules Waivers database gives you the ability to search by listing rule to gain a complete understanding of the circumstances in which the ASX has granted a waiver in the past. You can also research individual companies and the waivers that have been granted to them and look at trends for particular industries by searching based on the GICS industry code. The Listing Rules Database is easy to browse and supports full text searching of individual waivers.

Connect 4 - BoardRoom
is a database of Directors and Senior Executives of Australian Stock Exchange listed companies. It is an essential tool in researching and staying up to date with remuneration trends for directors and executives alike. BoardRoom also provides general ASX company information including company address; telephone, facsimile, and web site address; industry; business description; revenue; auditors; legal advisor and bankers.

With Connect 4 - BoardRoom you have the ability to perform the following tasks in minutes and without cumbersome research and investigation of multiple sources:
•  benchmark board member and senior executive remuneration against industry standards;
•  track individual directors and executives, their industry experience and remuneration history;
•  monitor competitors;
•  identify legal advisors, auditors, accountants and other professionals advising corporations.

Information in Connect 4 - BoardRoom is updated daily and is obtained from company annual reports and ASX company announcements. The Connect 4 - BoardRoom archive is complete back to 2004.

Annual Reports
Annual reports dating back to 1992.

Company Prospectuses
Company Prospectuses dating back to 1994.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers and Acquisitions documents including on market and off market bidder and targets statements from 1997 onwards.


Connect 4 Databases are priced on a per site basis. Additional site licences can be purchased for organisations with offices in a variety of locations

For pricing for multiple sites and/or multiple modules please call 1300 304 195.

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