Copyright - The Laws of Australia

Copyright - The Laws of Australia

By Peter Knight


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Date: 21/11/2013

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Copyright: The Laws of Australia provides a comprehensive analysis of the core principles of copyright which are relevant to all Australian practitioners.

The law of copyright increasingly affects many areas of practice. This book ensures that practitioners have a thorough, encyclopaedic analysis of the principles of copyright in one handy format.

This book describes the law of copyright derived from the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). It considers:

  1. the nature of the subject matter of copyright in respect of works and subject matter other than works;
  2. the duration of copyright and the requirements for the subsistence of Australian copyright;
  3. the nature of the rights granted (including moral rights) and acts constituting infringement and the defences to infringement;
  4. the nature of civil and criminal remedies available and the determination of ownership and the exploitation of copyright;
  5. the provision of statutory licences permitting the use of copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright owner, subject to payment of equitable remuneration and other conditions;
  6. the role of collecting societies in the collective administration of copyright owners' rights;
  7. the role of the Copyright Tribunal;
  8. the rights of performers; and
  9. the international schemes of copyright protection.

The author, Peter Knight, is a leading copyright practitioner who has over 25 years’ experience in information technology and intellectual property industries, in commercial advice and contract preparation and negotiation, as well as litigation and dispute resolution.

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