Crime and Justice: A Guide to Criminology Sixth Edition - Book

Crime and Justice: A Guide to Criminology Sixth Edition - Book


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Date: 30/11/2020

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Students and teachers deserve a text that offers distinctively Australian insights into criminology and criminal justice, situated in a global context. The sixth edition of Crime and Justice fulfils that brief superbly. The authors are leading scholars, keenly attuned to international developments and contemporary debates and challenges within the Australian context. The text provides a comprehensive introduction and more, encouraging critical reflection and inviting students to develop deeper understandings of crime and criminal justice relevant to 21st century Australia and beyond.

Professor Julie Stubbs, UNSW, Sydney

This is the most comprehensive text on Crime and Justice in Australia, crafted by leading scholars who cover an extensive range of topical issues. Anything you ever wanted to know about crime and justice in Australia is in this text. I strongly recommend this book as essential reading for anyone wanting to learn about the criminal justice system in Australia.

Kerry Carrington, Research Professor School of Justice, Faculty of Law, QUT


With its recurring Ned Kelly-themed cover, Crime and Justice: A guide to Criminology has earned its reputation as the leading Australian textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students embarking on a journey of discovery into all things criminological.  The contributors are prominent academics engaged in research-informed teaching all over Australia; and so, they have an appreciation for knowing how to inspire student readers.  As prominent researchers in their field they are at the forefront of national and international criminological debates.

Fully revised and updated, this sixth edition offers an exhaustive guide to criminal justice and criminology that can be readily adapted to any University course.  It covers a wide array of topics including: different forms of crime – from hyper-visible street-level offences to less visible ‘corporate’ crimes perpetrated in lofty office towers; who commits crimes (and why); who are the victims of crime; and how society seeks to combat and reduce crime. 

This sixth edition includes an invaluable ‘Study Skills chapter’ (which many other textbooks neglect to cover) that features improved graphic diagrams (in a dyslexic-friendly font!) to assist students in comprehending the grade-enhancing wisdom contained within.  And in an exciting first for Australian criminology; this book includes a long overdue chapter devoted to popular culture entitled ‘Popular Representations of Crime and Justice’.  This chapter captures the paradoxical allure of crime in the era of Netflix (with references to classic television shows and movies).

Crime and Justice: A guide to Criminology 6th Edition is essential reading for students of criminal justice, criminology, penology, policing, sociology, justice and society studies, and legal studies. Practitioners and NGOs engaged in criminal justice issues would also be well-served by this text.

Table of Contents

1. What is crime and who is the criminal? Ian Warren
2. The distribution of crime over populations, space and time Frank Morgan; Joe Clare
3. Crime and the media Richard Evans
4. Explanations for crime Emma Ryan
5. Youth and crime Greg Martin
6. Crime in the streets Stuart Ross; Natalia Hanley
7. Crime, the home and homelessness Julie Stubbs
8. White collar and corporate crime Fiona Haines
9. Environmental crime Brendan Grigg
10. Crimes of States David O. Friedrichs; Nerida Chazal
11. Cyber crime Russell G Smith; Peter N Grabosky
12. Crimes across borders Andrew Goldsmith
13. International crimes Marinella Marmo; Dr Grant Niemann
14. Inequalities and justice John Scott; Margaret Pereria
15. The criminal justice system - aims and processes Rick Sarre; Kathy Daly
16. Policing and law enforcement Darren Palmer
17. Policing and crime control in a globalising world Willem de Lint
18. Privatisation in the criminal justice system Rick Sarre; Tim Prenzler
19. Crime prevention and reduction Garner Clancey; Brenda Lin
20. Community based corrections/justice  Andrew Groves
21. Imprisonment and detention Mark Brown; Diana Johns
22. Victims, criminal justice and victimology Willem de Lint; Celia Moodie
23. Experts, lay people and forensics Jenny Wise
24. Criminal justice and human rights Leanne Weber; Marinella Marmo; Elaine Fishwick
25. Failures of justice Rachel Diosa-Villa
26. Remedies for miscarriages of justice  Bibi Sangha; Bob Moles
27. Study skills for criminology Nerida Chazal; Rhiannon Bandiera
28. Popular representations of Crime & Justice Haylie Badman; Ray Gundur; Derek Dalton


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