Criminal Law of Victoria NSW and SA Book and eBook - Second Edition

Criminal Law of Victoria NSW and SA Book and eBook - Second Edition

By Mirko Bagaric, Ken Arenson, Marilyn McMahon, Brienna Bagaric


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Date: 04/04/2022

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Criminal Law of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia is a comprehensive text which explains and examines the fundamental principles of criminal law. It is the only book which discusses and analyses in detail the criminal law in all common law jurisdictions in Australia. The book contains a carefully crafted mix of commentary, legislative extracts and case extracts and covers all of the main criminal offences, including homicide, assault, sexual and property offences. Each chapter contains review questions to facilitate in depth discussion and analysis of seminal issues in the criminal law.

The main defences to crime, including self-defence, mental impairment, necessity and duress are discussed in detail. The fundamental doctrines which underpin and inform the development and content of the criminal law, including theories of culpability and the justification of the criminal law are set out in a clear and comprehensive manner. The historical, social, cultural, political and normative considerations which underpin and influence the reform of the criminal law are also discussed in order to facilitate a high level understanding of the law.

Criminal Law of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia is an outstanding resource for criminal law practitioners and a seminal teaching resource for undergraduate and postgraduate criminal law students.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Fundamentals of Criminal Law

Chapter 2 - Homicide and Actus Reus

Chapter 3 - Murder and Mens Rea

Chapter 4 - Murder: The Doctrines of Provocation and Self-defence

Chapter 5 - Involuntary Manslaughter

Chapter 6 - Laws of Assault

Chapter 7 - Sexual Assault

Chapter 8 - Theft and Larceny

Chapter 9 - Deception and Fraud Offences

Chapter 10 - Burglary, Robbery, and Extortion

Chapter 11 - Offences of Strict and Absolute Liability

Chapter 12 - Attempt, Incitement, and Conspiracy

Chapter 13 - Participation in Crime: The Doctrine of Complicity

Chapter 14 - The Defences of Compulsion: Duress and Necessity

Chapter 15 - Mental State Defences: Intoxication, Insanity, and Diminished Responsibility



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