Electronic Information and the Law - eBook

Electronic Information and the Law - eBook

By Margaret Jackson, Marita Shelly

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Date: 04/05/2012

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"...an excellent overview and quick reference guide."

- Marco Nesbeth, Ethos June 2012

"This book is of interest to inhouse and private practice legal advisers who are involved with the management of electronic information...(p)rivacy lawyers and inhouse counsel (and) ...  a valuable resource to students and information technology professionals ..."
- Philip Aitken, Law Institute Journal, October 2012

"This book provides a thorough and thought-provoking analysis of the relevant problems associated with different forms of electronic information ... how they are dealt with by the law ... and direction for the way forward.

- Andrew Trotter, (2012) 32 Queensland Lawyer 165


Electronic Information and the Law provides essential and practical guidance to the law relating to electronic information as it occurs in many different spheres of our work and community.


In this innovative new work, Professor Margaret Jackson and Marita Shelly:

  • Identify the different forms and categories of electronic information and interaction, 
  • discuss problems associated with these, and 
  • outline the law that is relevant to those problems.

The authors bring together subjects usually treated in separate texts to explore legal frameworks that exist for electronic information, how organisations handle information, how we communicate electronically and e-government activities.

This work is an excellent guide to have at hand, capturing the challenges and issues facing one’s clients as they use electronic services in their day-to-lives.

For both lawyers and non-legal professionals, particularly those working in IT and their managers, it provides an introduction to each issue, followed with analysis of legal risks and obligations and a discussion of key case law and legislation.

Readers can access consolidated guidance on the legal risks across a range of contexts, including: 

  • e-banking,
  • electronic discovery,
  • identity theft,
  • copyright risks for ISP Providers,
  • data protection,
  • web accessibility,
  • cross-border privacy challenges, and
  • privacy issues relating to electronic health records.

Electronic Information and the Law provides a much-needed overview of an ever-evolving field of law.

Privacy lawyers, in-house counsel, students, information technology managers and professionals will find this work to be an invaluable resource in their day-to-day work.


  • Key unique feature is that discussion of electronic information and the law will not be limited to the Internet
  • It draws together a broad range of other electronic data-related issues into a single treatment.
  • Privacy lawyers and corporate counsel will be able to access consolidated guidance on legal risks across a range of contexts, such as:
          - e-banking
          - identity theft 
          - data protection
          - cross-border privacy challenges
          - defamation
          - copyright risks for ISP Providers
          - privacy issues relating to electronic health records.

Editorial Reviews

From: Ethos, June 2012
Reviewed by Marco Nesbeth, Moray & Agnew Lawyers

In an electronic age, there are many benefits to new technology, but with them come additional risks. The widespread popularity of social media, networking websites and internet use generally has resulted in the increased availability of personal information online and the ability to duplicate and distribute information. This has ramifications in areas such as employment, financial security, privacy, identity theft and breach of copyright legislation.

It is particularly important for legal practitioners to understand and appreciate the risks and hazards found in this constantly evolving area.

Electronic Information and the Law provides readers with guidance and an introduction to a range of legal issues. A broad number of topics are covered, including online contracts, electronic banking, copyright, social networking and media, privacy and discovery and retention of electronic information.

The book is written in a straight forward manner, making it effortless for those not technologically inclined to understand and navigate. It contains a brief description of different forms of electronic information, particular difficulties which arise with respect to them, and an analysis of recent case law involving special legal problems which have occurred globally.

The book analyses approaches taken by various countries to tackle problems which have arisen on the international stage and Australia’s comparable position. The text also discusses the various rules and codes of conduct surrounding the obtaining, retaining and distribution of electronic information.

Electronic Information and the Law provides an excellent overview and quick reference guide.

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