EPC Contracts & Major Projects 2nd Edition

EPC Contracts & Major Projects 2nd Edition

By John Scriven, Nigel Pritchard, Dan Cocker


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Date: 27/09/2011

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This UK work provides highly practical guidance on the components of construction contracts for major infrastructure projects. Focusing in particular on EPC contracts and the construction aspects of PFI projects, it goes step-by-step through the contracting process, from the conceptual idea, the choice of a contractor and form of contract, to the preparation of the contract itself. This work:
  • Deals with construction financing, procurement and competitive bidding
  • Covers letters of intent, international construction contracts and design risk allocation
  • Looks at environmental matters
  • Discusses insurance, insolvency and performance security
  • Makes references to actual market practice and how industry sectors can differ
  • Features a wealth of practical tips and warnings at each stage
  • Covers related contracts such as joint venture agreements, appointments, operation and maintenance agreements and direct agreements
  • Offers guidance on how to complete the various contracts.
Setting the scene. Choosing the contractor and form of contract. Preparing the contract. Related issues. Related contracts.
Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

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