Family Law - Hardcover

Family Law - Hardcover

By Grant Riethmuller, Robin Smith


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Date: 27/09/2022

Code: 9780455247502

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Table of Contents

Table of contents

Part I Introduction

1 Historical Introduction

2 Sources of Family Law

3 Jurisdictional Foundations of Family Law

4 Courts with Family Law Jurisdiction

Part II Matrimonial and De Facto Relationships

5 Marriage

6 Divorce

7 De Facto Relationships

Part III Children

8 Children

9 Parentage

10 Parental Powers and Responsibility

11 Parental Proceedings - Legislative Pathway

12 Best Interests of the Child - The Paramount Consideration

13 Parenting Orders and Welfare Powers

14 Specific Parenting Issues

Part IV Child Support and Child Maintenance

15 Child Maintenance

16 Child Support

17 Registration and Collection of Child Support

Part V Maintenance

18 Historical Introduction to Maintenance

19 Maintenance of Spouses and De Facto Partners

20 Contributions towards Child Bearing Expenses

Part VI Property

21 Historical Introduction to Matrimonial and De Facto Property

22 Declarations as to Property Interests

23 Alteration of Property Interests: Section 79/90SM(1)

24 Identifying and Valuing the 'Property' of the Parties (Step 1)

25 Initial Consideration of Whether to Exercise Property Settlement Power

26 Assessment of Contributions (Step 2)

27 Future Needs and Other Factors (Step 3)

28 'Justice and Equity' (Step 4)

29 Particular Powers in Property Cases

30 Variation of Property Settlement Orders

Part VII Private Arrangements

31 Private Agreements for Parental Powers and Responsibilities (Parenting Plans)

32 Financial Agreements

33 Maintenance Agreements

34 Child Support Agreements

Part VIII Practice and Procedure

35 Injunctions

36 Time Limits for the Institution of Maintenace and Property Proceedings

37 Costs


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