Global Wine Regulation - eBook

Global Wine Regulation - eBook

By Matt Harvey, Vicki Waye

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Date: 13/12/2013

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Wine is a special agricultural commodity that has been characterised as a symphony of romance, civilization, culture and rural artisanship. It has also been described as one of the world’s most heavily regulated commodities. For example, wine is one of the few commodities singled out by the World Trade Organization TRIPS Agreement. For all those who appreciate wine and are interested in the intersection between wine and the law, Global Wine Regulation provides a comprehensive overview of international and national wine regulation. It discusses the environmental regulation of vineyards and the wine making process; wine and the allocation of water rights; wine and health; wine and employment law; how the law protects wine identity; wine distribution agreements; the regulation of wine making; the taxation of wine making and wine retailing; as well as contemporary issues affecting the wine business.

The wine industry is truly global. While this book has an Australian focus, it compares and contrasts wine regulation from major wine producing countries around the world, thus providing the reader with a comprehensive and unique overview of both international and national wine regulation. It also pursues a number of contemporary themes, such as the synergy between environmental regulation and wine regulation; the battle between regulation promoting wine trade and public health goals; the intersection between trademarks and geographical indications; as well as bulk wine export versus control of bottling and labeling.

Global Wine Regulation provides a contemporary overview of international and national wine regulation, enabling a comparison of approaches and an understanding of the relationship between international, national, regional and private regulation of wine growing, making and trading.

This new work will benefit lawyers from Australia (and other wine making countries) practicing in the wine, alcohol and food related industries; regulators in the wine, alcohol and food related industries; major wine producing companies; and policy makers associated with wine and food trade, including industry-based organisations.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction and Overview - Matt Harvey and Vicki Waye
  2. The International Regulation of Oenological Practices - Dr John Barker
  3. Wine and Place - Stephen Stern
  4. The Regulation of Winemaking - Vicki Waye
  5. Wine and the Environment - Nicholas Antonas
  6. Wine and Water - Vicki Waye
  7. Vine Genetics - Oliver Mayor
  8. Wine and Health - Vicki Waye
  9. Labelling: Australian and United Kingdom Perspectives - James Omond and Vicki Waye
  10. Labourers in the Vineyard: Employment, Health and Safety Issues in 21st Century Wine Production in New Zealand, France and California - Rupert Tipples
  11. Tax Issues Arising in Connection With Wine Contracts, Contractual Disputes, and Sales & Purchases of Wine Businesses in Australia - Michael Butler
  12. Grape Procurement in Australia - Will Taylor, Jodie Newton and Rachel Triggs, Finlaysons
  13. Contract Processing in Australia - Will Taylor, Jodie Newton and Rachel Triggs, Finlaysons
  14. France - Theodore Geogeorgopolous
  15. Italian Wine Law - Michael Longo
  16. Wine Law in Germany - Thomas Schmitz
  17. Clearing Legal Hurdles: Entering the US Wine Market - Richard Mendelson & John Trinidad
  18. Wine Law in New Zealand - Dr John Barker
  19. Wine Law in Georgia - Matt Harvey
  20. A Brief History of Hungarian Wine, and the Contemporary Protection of Historic Hungarian Wine Names - Niszkás Miklós and Zilai Janós
  21. Wine Law in China - Pinghui Xiao
  22. South America: Argentina, Brazil and Chile - Roner Guerra Fabris
  23. Wine Law in South Africa - David Broodryk
  24. Slovenian Wine Law - Arne Mavcic

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