International Commercial Secured Transactions

International Commercial Secured Transactions

By David Franklin, Steven A Harms


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Date: 21/07/2010

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Carswell, Canada


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International Commercial Secured Transactions is a complete discussion on the topic of secured transactions in the international commercial context, covering over 30 industrialised countries. It is a handbook for people actively engaged in the many phases of banking, extending credit, lending, leasing and selling of commercial assets on an international scale. From loan officers to attorneys, the materials in the book represent basic and essential tools of the trade.
Topics covered for each country include:
· Differences in the handling, attachment or perfection
·         Advantages of being a secured creditor in a global economy
·         International letters of credit
·         Laws creating Secured Transactions
·         Types of personal property which may be secured
·         Documents used in the creation of secured transactions
·         Priorities of liens
·         Secured creditor rights in bankruptcy court
·         Tax liens
·         Recovery/repossession of collateral upon default in payment
·         Deficiency balance claims.
In addition, the handbook includes helpful articles on:
·         Secured Parties in United States Bankruptcy Proceedings
·         Secured v Unsecured Creditors
·         Trade Credit Insurance
·         Intellectual Property and Secured Transactions
·         Securitisation of Court Judgments
·         Trusts.
Jurisdiction: International

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