Internet and E-commerce Law Business and Policy

Internet and E-commerce Law Business and Policy

By Brian Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Eugene Clark, Gaye Middleton, Yee Fen Lim


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Date: 31/05/2011

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Over the last two decades, the internet and e-commerce have reshaped the way we communicate, interact and transact. In the converged environment enabled by high speed broadband, web 2.0, social media, virtual worlds, user-generated content, cloud computing, VoIP, open source software and open content have rapidly become established features of our online experience. Business and government alike are increasingly using the internet as the preferred platform for delivery of their goods and services and for effective engagement with their clients. New ways of doing things online and challenges to existing business, government and social activities have tested current laws and often demand new policies and laws, adapted to the new realities.

The focus of this book is the regulation of social, cultural and commercial activity on the World Wide Web. It considers developments in the law that have been, and continue to be, brought about by the emergence of the internet and e-commerce. It analyses how the law is applied to define rights and obligations in relation to online infrastructure, content and practices.

Internet and E-commerce Law, Business and Policy analyses the full range of complex policy and legal issues encountered by government and business. It provides an extensive, detailed and current treatment of key areas of internet and e-commerce law and practice which have undergone significant change in recent years: electronic contracts, regulation of online content, copyright in digital content, patents for software and e-business methods, domain names and trademarks, cybercrime, privacy, liability of internet intermediaries and taxation of internet businesses. The development of e-government strategies (in fields such as health and conveyancing) and the use of online systems to resolve disputes, among other topics, are also covered in this comprehensive work of over 1200 pages.

This new work is at once scholarly, practical and educational. It will be of interest to those working in the internet, technology and creative industries as well as for those working at all levels of government in the development of policy frameworks for the digital economy. It is also essential reading for law and business students studying internet and e-commerce law, as well as information technology and creative industries students.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Internet and e-commerce law, business and policy: The conceptual framework
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Content regulation
Chapter 4 Copyright
Chapter 5 Patents
Chapter 6 Domain names and trademarks
Chapter 7 E-contracts
Chapter 8 Signatures and authentication
Chapter 9 E-taxation
Chapter 10 Privacy
Chapter 11 Internet crime
Chapter 12 Intermediary liability
Chapter 13 E-government
Chapter 14 Online dispute resolution
Chapter 15: The future of internet life, culture and economy.

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