Jowitts Dictionary of English Law 6th Edition Book + eBook

Jowitts Dictionary of English Law 6th Edition Book + eBook

By Daniel Greenberg


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Date: 16/12/2023

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law is the only truly authoritative dictionary of English law, defining every legal term used, both old and new – from “abandonment”, in its many different contexts, to “zoonoses”. It provides clarity on the meaning of words, when drafting, interpreting and understanding legal materials or for any other form of legal research.

Key concepts in the law of the United Kingdom keep changing and developing their meanings, and practitioners need to be sure that they are using and interpreting expressions in accordance with the latest jurisprudence. Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law remains the authoritative starting point, and is regularly cited to and by the courts for this purpose. See, for example, reference to Jowitt for the meaning of "judgment in rem" in Deutsche Bank Ag (London Branch) v Central Bank of Venezuela 2022] EWHC 2040 (Comm) or for the meaning of "retrospective legislation" in Jazztel Plc v The Commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs [2022] EWCA Civ 232.

Jowitt is also the starting point for research in relation to new or unfamiliar legal concepts, and the Sixth Edition fully updates readers on the wide range of new concepts introduced by legislation in the last few years, from specialist terms such as "biodiversity net gain" in the Environment Act 2021 or "no fault divorce" in the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, to a wide range of updated terms of general importance such as burden of proof, legacy and mediation, among many others.

This title is typically used in conjunction with Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary and is regularly cited to and by the courts.

  • Provides a concise, but comprehensive and authoritative definition of every expression that forms part of the law of England and Wales
  • Incorporates extensive additions and amendments to ensure it is absolutely up-to-date with current law
  • Covers European terms in so far as they form part of the law of England and Wales
  • Covers new and developing fields of law, including environmental law, housing, social security, alternative dispute resolution and more
  • Includes explanations of historical terms, placing newer terms in context
  • Complements – and cross-referenced to – Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary
  • Provides an authoritative point of reference for research or for understanding any unfamiliar term or area of law



New words

Virtual currency
No-fault divorce
Financial Remedies Order
IP Completion Day
Integrated care systems
Driving disqualification orders
Biodiversity Net Gain
Polluter pays
Pavement licence
Windfall tax

Old terms revised / reviewed

Adverse possession
Affirmative action
Burden of proof
Circumstantial evidence
Citizen's arrest
Duxbury calculation
Ground rent
Industrial action
Next friend
Personal data
Rape shield
Vertical agreement


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