Managers & the Law A Guide for Business Decision Makers, 3rd Edition

Managers & the Law A Guide for Business Decision Makers, 3rd Edition

By Lynden Griggs, Eugene Clark, Ian Iredale


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Date: 08/10/2009

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Managers and the Law, 3rd Edition continues to be a practical guide for the manager in business, as well as a user-friendly text for law units within MBA and other management courses throughout Australia. Presenting the law from a manager’s perspective, it is designed to give managers access to sufficient legal information to enable them to better use law to assist the various functions of their business; see how the law can be used as a tool to prevent problems before they arise; and determine when specialist legal advice is required and how best to work with a lawyer to resolve issues.

Managers and the Law focuses on the management of risk in the workplace and has been structured to illustrate principles in a practical context. Pedagogical features such as cases in point, diagrams and illustrative case studies assist students and managers alike to readily comprehend the issues likely to be faced in business and ensure this edition will continue to be a valuable reference tool.

Editorial Reviews

From: Law Institute Journal, April 2010
Reviewed by Mark Worsnop, Kahns Lawyers

This is the third edition of a textbook first published 10 years ago to address the need for business managers to be conversant with the law and manage legal risks.

In the text’s introduction, the authors refer to the “modern focus on corporate governance” and rightly observe that “the manager in the contemporary business world would need no introduction as to why a third edition of this text is necessary”.

Certainly, the need for managers to understand the legal framework and their place within it grows by the year, never diminishes, as more regulation is spread down by our legislators at all levels.
The text is designed for use in tertiary courses such as MBAs, rather than an overview, as the “Questions for Discussion” sections at the end of each chapter suggest.
It covers a diverse range of topics including business structures, consumer law, taxation, dispute resolution and ethics.

The width of the topic areas is a reminder of the expectations placed on business managers in the modern context and the need for them to seek outside professional assistance. Nobody can be expected to keep abreast of everything, and yet if something goes wrong it is the manager who will likely face the responsibility.

The text has been prepared by a group of senior academics, but the structure and style are readily accessible. There are extensive bibliographies provided in each part, as well as handy case studies and sufficient tables and diagrams to illustrate particular areas.
For a legal practitioner, a particular chapter may seem superficial, but covering as many areas of business law as the text traverses inside 660 pages is no mean effort.
It provides a good balance between an overview for a non-lawyer and a reasonable starting point for a lawyer.

Accordingly, this is a useful text for a commercial lawyer to have close at hand as an overview of what managers of commercial clients encounter, on what the text describes as “the endless road to achieving legal compliance”.

Table of Contents

Part A - Managers and the Legal Environment
Chapter 1 The Manager and the Legal Environment
Chapter 2 Australian Policy Framework: e-Government and e-Commerce
Part B – Operations Management and the Law
Chapter 3 Promises to Keep and Obligations to Meet: Contracts, Torts and the Law of Restitution
Chapter 4 Business Structures and Agency
Chapter 5 Consumer Law
Chapter 6 Managing the Employment Relationship
Chapter 7 Maintaining and Enhancing Property Rights
Part C – Strategic Management
Chapter 8 Competition Law and the Manager
Chapter 9 Administrative Law – A strategic approach to government regulation
Chapter 10 Managing Financial Risk
Chapter 11 The Manager and Taxation
Part D – Managing Conflict
Chapter 12 The Manager and Dispute Resolution
Part E – Ethics
Chapter 13 Ethical Obligations and the Manager
Part F – Going Global
Chapter 14 International Trade
Part G – Managers in a Learning Environment
Chapter 15 Legal Research for Managers

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