Mining and Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT): Paper

Mining and Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT): Paper


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Date: 13/09/2012

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Mining and Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT): Paper

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Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (All Jurisdictions): Paper 13/09/2012 30134363 N/A
Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (Cth): Paper 18/09/2012 30118134 N/A
Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT): Paper 13/09/2012 30137954 N/A
Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (Qld): Paper 13/09/2012 30113975 N/A
Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (WA): Paper 13/09/2012 30124755 N/A
Looseleaf Mining and Petroleum Legislation (WA Mining Only): Paper 13/09/2012 30115027 N/A


The Mining and Petroleum Legislation Service is a unique resource that brings together legislation and regulations relating to all forms of mining, mineral exploration, onshore and offshore petroleum and pipelines in Australia.

The service contains over 170 pieces of legislation covering the Commonwealth and each State and Territory jurisdiction. The legislation consists of the key Acts and Regulations on the following topics: Coal Mining, Mining & Fossicking, Mineral Resources, Geothermal Energy, Native Title, Offshore Petroleum, Offshore Minerals, Onshore Petroleum, Pipelines and Uranium.

The service is available online and in print as a complete 18-volume mining and petroleum law library covering Commonwealth and State legislation. Alternatively, subscribers can choose to subscribe to particular jurisdictions in which they work.

Subscribers to the print service also receive the Australian Resources Law Reports series, the only specialist report series in Australia dealing with mining, energy and resources law. Carefully selected judgments are accompanied by catchwords and authored headnotes that summarise the decision and highlight the key issues. In addition, an editorial comment is provided that explains the practical significance and commercial implications of the case, making these Reports an essential research tool for practitioners working in the areas of mining, energy and resources. The cases are drawn from a wide range of sources, including Mining Wardens, the relevant environment and planning Courts and Tribunals and Supreme Courts in each State and Territory and the Federal and High Courts of Australia. By selecting only the most important decisions from such a wide range of sources, valuable research time is saved. The General Editor is Kanaga Dharmananda, Barrister at Francis Burt Chambers, Perth, WA.


This subscription includes the following key pieces of legislation:

New South Wales 

Coal Mining

Coal Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulation

Coal Industry Act 2001

Coal Industry (Industrial Matters) Act 1946

Coal Acquisition Act 1981

Coal Ownership (Restitution) Act 1990

Coal Acquisition (Re-acquisition Arrangements) Order 1997


Mining Act and Regulation

Mine Subsidence Compensation Act and Regulation

State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries) 2007

Mine Safety (Cost Recovery) Act 2005

Mine Health and Safety Act and Regulation

Offshore Minerals

Offshore Minerals Act and Regulation

Native Title

Native Title (New South Wales) Act 1994

Aboriginal Land Rights Act and Regulation

Offshore Petroleum

Petroleum (Offshore) Act and Regulation

Onshore Petroleum

Petroleum (Onshore) Act and Regulation 2007


Pipelines Act and Regulation

National Gas (New South Wales) Act 2008


Uranium Mining and Nuclear Facilities (Prohibitions) Act 1986

Australian Capital Territory

Native Title Act 1994

  • Online subscription to Mining & Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT) is available, see further here.
  • Subscription to the broader Mining & Petroleum Legislation suite is available online and in print.



* Price is for an annual subscription and includes all updates issued during this period.

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