O'Hare and Browne Civil Litigation 20th Edition

O'Hare and Browne Civil Litigation 20th Edition

By John O'Hare, Kevin Browne


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Date: 23/08/2021

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This book explains how the Civil Procedure Rules work in practice. The book covers the entire spectrum of civil litigation providing a step-by-step guide through all stages of a civil action.
  • Provides a practical, comprehensive and detailed guide covering all areas of civil litigation in the High Court and County Court
  • Guides you through the procedure involved in any civil matter
  • Covers all stages of litigation in a logical sequence from pre-action to enforcement and appeals
  • Expert authors provide tactical and strategic advice, examples, tips and solutions
  • Cross-refers to the Civil Procedure Rules and the White Book
What’s new for the 20th edition:
New sections and fuller coverage of: online case management systems including CE-filing and MCOL; procedure under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols, including the new protocol for small RTA cases which is in force from 31 May 2021; use of remote hearings; post-Brexit amendments; amendments to the CPR; the disclosure pilot scheme; and ADR.
In more detail:
  • A revised Chapter 9 on proceedings under Parts 7 and 8 which gives fuller coverage of the multiple case management systems now in use in the High Court, County Court and the Business & Property Courts
  • A new Chapter 10 on procedure under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols, including the new protocol for small RTA cases which is in force from 31 May 2021.
  • Chapter 13 on interim applications includes updated coverage on current practice as to remote hearings (i.e. conducted by telephone or video)
  • Chapter 41 on enforcement of non-money judgments includes revised commentary on the new rules relating to the enforcement of orders for possession and contempt proceedings
  • Other new developments include: developments in expert evidence; the disclosure pilot scheme; security for costs and a cross-undertaking in damages; the widening influence of alternative dispute resolution; changes in Insolvency law including the Debt Respite Scheme, which came into force on 4 May 2021
  • Plus a wealth of new case law


Table of Contents

  • Civil Litigation in Outline
  • Funding Civil Litigation
  • Interest
  • Personal Injury Cases
  • Limitation of Actions
  • The Preliminary Stages of Litigation
  • Parties to Actions
  • Service of Documents
  • From Issue to Allocation
  • Part 8 Claims Cases with a foreign element
  • Drafting Statements of Case
  • Interim Applications
  • Drafting Applications, Skeleton Arguments, Witness Statements and Affidavits
  •  Default judgment
  • Admissions and Requests for Time to Pay
  • Disposal Hearings
  • Part 20 Claims
  • Summary Judgment
  • The Small Claims Track (Part 27)
  • The Fast Track (Part 28) The Multi-Track (Part 29)
  • Experts
  • Cases not governed by standard track allocation Interim
  • Payments
  • Security for Costs
  • Interim Injunctions (Part 25)
  • Change of Solicitors
  • Part 36
  • Offers
  • Disclosure and Inspection
  • Evidence
  • Judicial Case Management: General Provisions
  • Judicial Case Management: Special Cases
  • Termination of an action by consent
  • Discontinuance
  • Preparations for trial
  • Trial
  • Costs Payable by One Party to Another
  • Costs: Special Cases
  • Enforcement of Money Judgements
  • Enforcement of Other Judgments
  • Insolvency
  • Applications to set aside or vary orders
  • Appeals up to the Court of Appeal
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court

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