Your library accessible wherever you go

Our eBooks have been designed to specifically meet the demands of legal professionals. Using the new browser based Thomson Reuters ProView eReader for all of your devices, you can now connect to and interact with the great content that you rely on in new ways.

We've progressed the way you search, download and filter and made it easier for you to find what you're looking for, when and where you need it. ProView breathes life into your content without any software installation and lets you interact with your most valued legal texts, using a tool that has been specifically designed for the job at hand. So, whether you're in the office, on the move, at court or in the boardroom you can now stay informed anywhere, anytime.

What makes our eBooks unique?

Download titles for offline viewing without the need to install any additional software

Add your own notes and annotations just as you would do to the hard copy version of the book

Email, print and share text using the copy and paste tool. Lift text from the screen and place it in any other application or document you wish

Quickly find the piece of information that you are looking for using powerful search functionality

Jump to related content elsewhere in an eBook via hyperlinks

Colour code your highlights and corresponding notes

Transfer annotations to a new edition of the title

Choose to view content in the same layout as your print title, including with matching page numbers

Responsively designed website provides an optimised, consistent user experience across devices

Library like interface makes it quick and easy to find resources

View tables of content in expandable/collapsible list for ease of navigation

Why ProView?

Leverage mobility and portability

Be free to work out of the office, with your library available on tablet and iPhone.

Access content from one place

Retrieve all of your eBooks and looseleaf services from a central location for ease of access.

Read and browse effortlessly

Annotate and bookmark in real time, so that you can build on legal arguments and advice as you read.

Start stronger and finish faster

Search across multiple primary and secondary resources on Westlaw AU and ProView to find trusted answers with speed.

"Previously we have relied on large, heavy texts which are reliable but inflexible. Moving to digital books, we needed students to be able to find sections quickly – here the ProView Provision Finder gets students to any legislation section in the minimum number of clicks – that’s extremely helpful. They can then read and annotate sections, and access their notes later."
Dr Amanda Davies, Course Director, Associate Degree in Policing Practice, Charles Sturt University