Researching and Writing in Law Fourth Edition - Book

Researching and Writing in Law Fourth Edition - Book

By Terry Hutchinson


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Date: 07/03/2018

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The revolution in legal research provides exciting challenges for those exploring and writing about the legal landscape.

Researching and Writing in Law, 4th Edition is an updated research guide, mapping the developments that have taken place and providing the keys to the fundamental electronic sources of legal research, as well as exploring traditional doctrinal methodologies. Included in this edition are extensive checklists for locating and validating the law in Australia, England, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, India and the European Union. 

Law students and members of the practising profession aiming to update their research, knowledge and skills will find Researching and Writing in Law, 4th Edition invaluable. 

Table of Contents

Part I Formulating and Writing Your Legal Research Project

1. Setting the Scene: Research and Writin in Context

2. Research Ethics and Project Management

3. Standard Doctrinal Research Methodologies

4. Additional Legal Research Frameworks

5. Basic Electronic Research Techniques

6. Social Science Methodologies for Lawyers

7. Formulating a Research Topic

8. Refining the Topic and Writing the Research Proposal

9. Reviewing the Literature: Reading and Critique

10. Legal Writing

Part II Checklists for Locating and Validating the Law

Checklist 1 - General: How do you find

Checklist 2 - Australia

Checklist 3 - Australian Capital Territory

Checklist 4 - New South Wales

Checklist 5 - Northern Territory

Checklist 6 - Queensland

Checklist 7 - South Australia

Checklist 8 - Tasmania

Checklist 9 - Victoria

Checklist 10 - Western Australia

Checklist 11 - United Kingdom

Checklist 12  - Canada

Checklist 13 - United States

Checklist 14 - European Union

Checklist 15 - New Zealand

Checklist 16 - India

Checklist 17 - China



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