Royal Commissions: Law and Practice

Royal Commissions: Law and Practice

By Chad Jacobi SC, Sarah Newman


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Date: 14/06/2022

Code: 9780455502342

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Royal Commissions: Law and Practice provides a modern, practical guide for those involved in the conduct of these inquiries. This new title aims to answer the questions which confront those involved in Royal Commissions in a style that is accessible, practical and strategic. 

Royal Commissions have become a prominent part of Australian public life and legal practice, charged with making factually sound findings on significant public issues, which may then provide a solid foundation for change.

These inquiries are fundamentally different from civil litigation or criminal prosecutions and even the most experienced practitioners benefit from specialised guidance on their operation.

Many non-legal issues are critical to achieving sound outcomes, including planning, strategy and public engagement. While many possible courses of action may be strictly permissible or valid, an effective approach should be consistent with the broader, strategic objectives of the inquiry.

This new title will assist Commission personnel and involved practitioners, enabling them to plan and execute productive and constructive inquiries. It will enhance their understanding of the dynamics determining the course of the inquiry, equip them to anticipate the issues which may arise, and respond to these appropriately.

Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Index of Commissions
Chapter 1 Statutory and Non-Statutory Power to Inquire
Chapter 2 The Structure of a Royal Commission
Chapter 3 Planning the Inquiry
Chapter 4 Carrying the Inquiry into Effect
Chapter 5 Gathering Information
Chapter 6 Hearings and Oral Evidence
Chapter 7 Fairness and the Hearing Rule
Chapter 8 Impartiality and Bias
Chapter 9 Intersection with Court Proceedings, and Contempt of Court
Chapter 10 Findings and Recommendations

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