The Environmental Law Handbook Seventh Edition

The Environmental Law Handbook Seventh Edition

By Peter Williams


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Environmental law is a dynamic and expanding area where active parliaments and courts generate a complex and interconnected web of legislation and regulations. Particular challenges arise from government attempts to balance environmental issues and developmental imperatives. The Environmental Law Handbook, now in its 7th edition, clarifies the complexity of this law for a wide range of readers.

Twenty-four specialists in environmental law share the writing, building on the work of previous editions, and working under the editorship of Dr Peter Williams from the School of Law at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. These lawyers, professors, academics and policy makers apply their wealth of practical experience and knowledge to offer a clear account of the law applying to environmental planning and protection in NSW.

Those familiar with earlier editions will find that the book has been heavily reorganised and rewritten, and redesigned for easier location and use of content. Substantial changes have occurred in environmental law since release of the 6th edition of the book in 2016. New content includes:

  • All topic areas covered in the book’s 20 chapters have been updated.
  • Extensive revision of pollution law with inclusion of significant new and updated material following a range of statutory amendments and new case law.
  • Extensively revised discussion on forestry and plantations, agriculture, water supply and Crown land and protected area.
  • Major rework of treatment of land use planning, development, NSW and Commonwealth environmental assessment and biodiversity.
  • Thorough updating for judicial interpretation and legislative change.

A handbook for practising lawyers and for students, the careful balance of clarification and detail also makes the text more widely useful. Planners, engineers and environmental scientists, as well as those involved in environmental or community causes and who seek a good grasp of the legal responsibilities of those overseeing a complex network of rights and regulations, will find The Environmental Law Handbook a valuable resource.

Table of Contents

1. The structure and scope of environmental law (Dr Peter Williams)

2. Building blocks of environmental law (Katharine Huxley)

3. Land use planning (Dr Amelia Thorpe)

4. Crown land and protected areas (Dr Peter Williams)

5. Development (Willem van Wyk)

6. New South Wales Environmental Assessment (Dr Peter Williams)

7. Commonwealth environmental assessment and approval (Rana Koroglu & Revel Pointon)

8. Local government (Dr Andrew H Kelly, Dominic Crinnion & Grant Gleeson)

9. Aboriginal land and heritage in NSW (Lucinda Morphett)

10. Pollution control and waste disposal (Dr Sarah Wright)

11. Climate change and energy (Ilona Millar & Kylie Wilson)

12. Agriculture (Gillian Duggin)

13. Biodiversity (Rebecca Watson & Dr Peter Williams)

14. Forests and plantations law (Emily Long & Rachael Chick)

15. Coastal and riverside land (Rosemary Bullmore)

16. Water supply (Kathryn Ridge)

17. Fisheries and aquatic ecosystems (Dr Warwick Gullett)

18. Heritage conservation (Dr Judith Preston, Jeff Smith & Lily Morton)

19. Mining (Thomas Kwok)

20. Catchment management (Dr Peter Williams)

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