Torrens System in NSW

Torrens System in NSW

By R A Woodman, K Nettle, Frank Ticehurst, Peter Butt, Leanne Hughes, Jennifer Stuckey-Clarke


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Date: 11/09/2012

Code: 30137903

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Torrens System in NSW

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Torrens System New South Wales, gives title to land by registration and this register is kept at NSW Land Registry Services. The system ensures that ownership of property is guarded by more than just physical possession of the certificate of title. The legislation governing Torrens Title in New South Wales is the Real Property Act 1900. In this service this Act and the selected extracts from the Conveyancing Act 1919 are robustly annotated by Leanne Hughes, BA LLB (Macquarie) MURP (Syd), Manager, Legislation and Policy, Land and Property Information of the Department of Lands and Jennifer Stuckey-Clarke, BA (Hons) / LLB (Hons) (ANU), LLB (Cambridge), Barrister at 15 Wardell Chambers, Martin Place, Sydney.
The service provides insightful commentary on the application of the legislation as interpreted by the courts. The cases selected for the New Case Digest complement the discussion in the main text and focuses primarily on judgments which are related to the areas of indefeasibility, caveats against dealings, easements, mortgages and claims against the Torrens Assurance Fund. Catchwords and author notes that detail the relevance of each case are also incorporated. The cases are cross-referenced to where they are discussed in the main text.


  • Full text of the Real Property Act 1900, annotated.
  • Extracts of Conveyancing Act 1919, annotated.
  • Real Property Regulation 2019.
  • Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012.
  • "New Content Locater" is a quick-reference guide to the most recent updates.
  • "New Case Digest" is a quick-reference guide to the most recent and relevant cases.

Price is for an annual subscription and includes all updates issued during this period.

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