ASIC Digest (Tax and Accounting)

ASIC Digest (Tax and Accounting)



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Date: 01/05/2013

Code: 41412834

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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ASIC Digest (Tax and Accounting)

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Online ASIC Digest (Tax and Accounting) 01/05/2013 41412834 N/A


Essential compliance information at your fingertips, direct from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

ASIC Digest is a logically structured and professionally indexed compilation of all Regulatory Guides, Rules, Class Orders, Information Sheets, Reports and other guidance documents released by ASIC.

Thomson Reuters is the authorised publisher for ASIC and ASIC Digest is the information source used by ASIC offices throughout Australia. It is designed to make it easier for professionals to quickly and efficiently locate the regulatory information they need. With ASIC’s growing regulatory responsibilities, it is more important than ever to understand your organisation’s compliance obligations.

ASIC Digest will help you to keep up to date with the complex and changing rules impacting on your organisation.

A new feature of ASIC Digest is the linking from the Instruments Tables (which outline instances of relief from the Corporations Act granted to corporations) to the full text PDF version of the relief instrument itself, as published in the ASIC Gazettes.

Save on research time: choose online delivery with links that click through to legislation and case law, plus advanced ASIC Materials search functions.

The ASIC Digest Archive included in the online subscription contains historical material and superseded versions of documents. Subscribers can easily search across only current material, superseded material, or both.


  • Organised and structured clearly and concisely to provide you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.
  • The Instruments Tables have a listing of relief provided to corporations under the Corporations Act and link directly to the extended notice of relief as published in the ASIC Gazettes.
  • Includes a “road map” to help you track down the documents you need based on topic rather than number or type.
  • Executive Summaries are released with all updates explaining the reason for the new or updated regulatory documents, giving you important background information.
  • All content is approved by ASIC prior to publication, putting your mind at ease.
  • Covers the full range of ASIC regulated activities, from financial services regulation to market integrity and carbon pricing regulation.
  • Contains additional research materials, such as speeches, reports, interviews and articles, so you know you’ve got everything covered.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summaries
  • Road Map
  • Subject Index
  • Directory
  • Media and Information Releases
  • Regulatory Guides
  • Market Integrity Rules
  • Information Sheets
  • Reports and Speeches
  • Interviews and Articles
  • Consultation Papers
  • Class Orders
  • Pro Formas
  • Instruments tables
  • Registered Schemes
  • Class Rule Waivers

The online version is updated when developments occur and features a minimum of twelve updates per year. The print and CD versions feature twelve updates per year.

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