Business and Corporate Law Guidebook

Business and Corporate Law Guidebook

By Enshen Li


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Date: 20/06/2018

Code: 9780455240343

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Business and Corporate Law Guidebook is a bilingual textbook designed to provide Chinese students with a solid understanding of the fundamental aspects of Australian business and corporate law.

Written in plain English and Chinese, this text offers clear and concise explanations of key legal concepts, significant cases and principal judgments to form a systematic framework of self-directed learning.

The text contains 12 chapters covering contract law, competition and consumer law, tort and negligence, company law including company incorporation, corporate liability and the winding up process. The last chapter focuses specifically on teaching Chinese students how to apply the IRAC model to solve legal problems.

Suitable for those studying business and corporate law as part of a non-law degree such as accounting, marketing and business management studies, this text is also a valuable addition to international professionals seeking an understanding of the Australian business and corporate legal environment.

Table of Contents

1. Introducing Law and the Australian Legal System

2. The formation of contract

3. Validity and termination of contract

4. Competition and consumer law

5. Law of tort and negligence

6. Business structure in Australia

7. Corporate governance

8. Directors' duties

9. Directors' duties 2

10. Members' rights and remedies

11. Corporate finance and external administration

12. IRAC

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