Business and Company Law

Business and Company Law

By Kanchana Kariyawasam


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Date: 12/07/2021

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Business and Company Law provides students with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to major legal issues encountered in the commercial and corporate environment. This work contains an overview of the Australian legal system, a concise explanation of the principles of contract law, privacy and data protection, the law of tort and consumer protection, and also introduces students to different business structures, corporate governance including directors’ duties, financial reporting requirements, membership and meetings, and the various types of corporate insolvency.

Business and Company Law is the ideal resource for law and business students seeking a comprehensive understanding of commercial and corporate law issues.

Table of Contents

CH 1: Introduction to the Australian Legal System

CH 2: Introduction to the Law of Contract

CH 3: Offer and Acceptance

CH 4: Intention to Create Legal Relations

CH 5: Consideration, Promissory Estoppel and Formalities

CH 6: Contents and Interpretation of the Contract

CH 7: Genuine Consent

CH 8: Termination and Breach of a Contract

CH 9: Remedies

CH 10: Privacy

CH 11: Data Protection

CH 12: Law of Torts

CH 13: Consumer Protection

Ch 14: Business Structures

CH 15: Introduction to Company Law

CH 16: Types of Companies

CH 17: Registration and Its Effects

CH 18: Directors and Management

CH 19: Directors’ Statutory Duties

CH 20: Remedies and Penalties for Directors’ Breaches

CH 21: Financial reporting and disclosure

CH 22: Auditors

CH 23: Share capital

CH 24: Dividends

CH 25: Members’ Rights

CH 26: Members’ Meetings

CH 27: Corporate Insolvency

CH 28: Receivership

CH 29: Voluntary Administration

CH 30: Liquidation

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