Criminal Law in Queensland Second Edition - eBook

Criminal Law in Queensland Second Edition - eBook

By Andreas Schloenhardt, Joseph Lelliott, Carl Tessmann

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Date: 17/01/2023

Code: 9780455246581

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Criminal Law in Queensland offers critical perspectives on the many facets of contemporary

criminal justice, presenting those issues in their current and comparative contexts.

This book seeks to:

·         facilitate the study of criminal law;

·         explore and analyse general principles of criminal law and its specific offences and defences; and

·         draw comparisons between developments in common law and in the various Australian criminal law jurisdictions.

The book is divided into four parts:

·         Part 1 introduces the general principles of criminal responsibility, explores the sources and subjects of criminal law, and outlines the evolution of criminal law in Queensland.

·         Part 2 discusses extensions to criminal liability.

·         Part 3 focuses on specific offences.

·         Part 4 examines defences to criminal responsibility.


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