Principles of Criminal Law Fourth Edition - eBook

Principles of Criminal Law Fourth Edition - eBook

By Simon Bronitt, Bernadette McSherry

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Date: 30/05/2017

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High level criminal law text that invigorates and challenges students, encouraging them to look at the law from different viewpoints.

Principles of Criminal Law, explores the criminal law of every Australian jurisdiction and seeks to place it into the wider context of Australian society. It examines the principles of the law in detail, providing a thought-provoking and engaging experience for the reader by analysing and challenging these principles from interdisciplinary perspectives, such as sociology, psychology, criminology, and legal theory.

This edition is updated in all areas and contains topical sections on the expanding boundaries of federal law as well as the development of “cybercrimes”. Other areas that have been significantly updated include:

  • defences to homicide;
  • extended common purpose and acting in concert doctrines;
  • sexual offences;
  • offences and defences relating to family violence; and
  • conspiracy to commit money laundering offences.


This edition maintains a strong focus on the importance of reform, particularly in the light of human rights. It outlines key academic and policy debates, as well as providing comparative insights on the direction of criminal law from related jurisdictions.

Principles of Criminal Law is a valuable resource for students of criminal law, advanced criminal law, criminology and criminal justice. Judges, scholars and practitioners seeking a criminal law text with great depth of analysis combined with insight into the future development of the law will also find it of value.

Table of Contents

Part I Theory and Principles

Chapter 1 – Theory and the Criminal Law

Chapter 2 – General Principles

Chapter 3 – Principles of Criminal responsibility

Part II Justifications and Excuses

Chapter 4 – Mental State Defences

Chapter 5 – Partial Defences

Chapter 6 – Self-Help Defences

Part III Extending Criminal Responsibility

Chapter 7 – Complicity

Chapter 8 – Inchoate Offences

Part IV Specific Crimes

Chapter 9 – Unlawful Killing

Chapter 10 – Offences Against the Person

Chapter 11 – Sexual Offences

Chapter 12 – Property Offences

Chapter 13 – Public Order

Chapter 14 – Drug Offences

Chapter 15 – International and Transnational Crimes

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