Criminal Law NSW 4 Volumes (Volumes 1 2 2A 3)

Criminal Law NSW 4 Volumes (Volumes 1 2 2A 3)

By Martin Blackmore, Greg Hosking


Price: N/A

Date: 05/09/2012

Code: 30120382

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Criminal Law NSW 4 Volumes (Volumes 1 2 2A 3)

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Looseleaf Criminal Law NSW 5 Volumes 11/09/2012 30129335 N/A
Looseleaf Criminal Law NSW 4 Volumes (Volumes 1 2 2A 3) 05/09/2012 30120382 N/A
eSub - ProView Criminal Law NSW - eSub 13/09/2012 41307277 N/A


Criminal Law NSW offers comprehensive coverage of the criminal law in NSW for both summary and indictable offences, providing subscribers with:
  • Authoritative and thorough commentary to all the major legislation with offences broken down into their elements and, where possible, draft indictments to support pre-trial preparation or court appearances.
  • Discussions that are topical and extensively cross-referenced and structured to follow the general conduct of a criminal law matter which allows for intuitive researching.
* Price is for an annual subscription and includes all updates issued during this period.

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