Fleming's The Law of Torts 10e - eBook

Fleming's The Law of Torts 10e - eBook

By Carolyn Sappideen, Prue Vines

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Date: 16/03/2011

Code: 9780455501888

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Rediscovering a masterpiece is a pleasure awaiting readers of this newly updated edition of Fleming’s The Law of Torts. Used by generations of Judges, Lawyers and Academics, this new edition involved an outstanding author team of distinguished torts scholars.

“The Law of Torts has been influential in shaping the law in the major common law jurisdictions.” … Sir Anthony Mason AC KBE

“It is hardly surprising that Fleming’s writing, both in The Law of Torts and in other works, came to have an unequalled influence on the opinions of the Justices of the High Court of Australia”...The Hon Justice M D Kirby AC CMG

The Law of Torts by Professor John Fleming last published in 1998. It is distinguished throughout the world of tort scholarship as a work of enormous significance.

Major new developments include the impact of tort reform processes; the impact of human rights instruments on tort law; the contraction of liability, with the impact of civil liability legislation with its emphasis on personal autonomy; the new consumer law legislation; and the new uniform defamation code.

The key strength of Fleming’s The Law of Torts,10th Edition is its examination, and elucidation, of legal principle. This text is known for its distillation of the essence of tort legal principles and its critical evaluation of them. Professor Fleming had an unflinching belief that no legal system is superior to any other. He combed the corners of the common law and civil law world in the search for answers. The new edition continues John Fleming’s breadth of vision.

The authors of the new edition preserve Professor Fleming’s scholarship while contributing their own insight. The result is clearly outstanding. This new edition is the must-have resource for all practitioners and scholars of tort law within the common law jurisdictions.

Table of Contents

• Introduction
• Trespass and Intentional Interference with the Person
• Intentional Invasion of Land
• Intentional Interference with Chattels
• Defences to Intentional Torts
• Negligence: Introduction
• Standard of Care
• Duty of Care
• Damage
• Damages
• Concurrent Wrongdoers
• Defences to Negligence
• Procedure and Proof
• Strict Liability
• The Tort of Breach of Statutory Duty
• The Principle of Rylands v Fletcher
• Fire
• Animals
• Vicarious Liability
• Private and Social Insurance
• Nuisance
• Dangerous and Defective Premises
• Product Liability
• Employers
• Defamation
• Privacy Rights
• Abuse of Legal Procedure
• Misrepresentation
• Domestic Relations
• Economic Relations

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