Nutshell: Corporations Law Ninth Edition

Nutshell: Corporations Law Ninth Edition

By Christopher Bevan


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Date: 10/05/2023

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The essence of the law…
Lawbook Co. Nutshells are the essential revision tool: they provide a concise outline of the principles for each of the major subject areas within undergraduate law.

Written in clear, straight-forward language, the authors explain the principles, and highlight key cases and legislative provisions for each subject.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Corporations Act 2001: The Statutory Framework

2. Types of Companies

3. Company Powers and how they are Exercised

4. Contracts before Registration

5. Company Organs

6. How a Company is Registered

7. Consequences of Incorporation

8. Constitution

9. Replaceable Rules

10. Capital of the Company

11. The Share Buy-back Regime

12. Directors' Control and Directors' Duties

13. Members: Rights, Duties and Remedies

14. Liability of the Company to Outsiders

15. Regulation of Financial Markets and Services and Consumer Protection of Investors

16. Reporting and Audit Requirements

17. Powers of ASIC and the Takeovers Panel

18. Insolvency and Deregistration of Companies

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