Owner-Driver Law in Australia First Edition  Book+eBook

Owner-Driver Law in Australia First Edition Book+eBook

By Julian Arndt, Luis Izzo, Nigel Ward


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Date: 08/08/2023

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Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Owner-Driver Law in Australia provides overdue and desperately needed guidance through the statutes, regulations, and common law rules applying to this critical and high-profile sector of the transport and logistics industry.

Owner-drivers and owner-operators are a unique form of contractor engaged by most major transport enterprises, as well as hundreds of minor companies. Many thousands of owner-drivers are engaged across Australia.  

However, useful commentary and guidance on the laws applicable to their engagement has been conspicuously unavailable.

In several states, there is specific legislation that applies to these engagements whilst, at a federal level, a range of other laws apply. The legal regime is poorly understood - yet, conversely, the exposure to improperly engaging owner-drivers can be very large, with wide-ranging avenues for legal claims.

Owner-Driver Law in Australia changes this, providing the premier source of commentary on the myriad of laws that apply in Australia. The work examines the legislation and outlines all relevant legal principles applicable to engaging an owner-driver, including:

  • contract law concepts;
  • specific statutory requirements;
  • application of competition law;
  • application of discrimination and victimisation laws to owner-drivers;
  • applicability of minimum wage instruments and guides in each regulated jurisdiction; and
  • handling the exchange of ‘goodwill’ in owner driver relationships.

This essential, pioneering work provides detailed commentary on the areas of legal exposure that can arise. It gives lawyers, HR professionals, employers and other business owners specific and detailed guidance on how the laws relating to owner-driver arrangements operate, and how to ensure compliance with them.

Table of Contents


About the Authors

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

Chapter 1: Who Are Owner-Drivers?

Chapter 2: Negotiating an Owner-Driver Contract

Chapter 3: Terms of the Contract

Chapter 4: Minimum Remuneration Obligations

Chapter 5 - Application of Industrial Instruments (NSW Only)

Chapter 6: Chain of Responsibility Obligations

Chapter 7: Resolving Disputes During the Relationship

Chapter 8: Dealing with Industrial Action and Collective Boycotts

Chapter 9: Freedom of Association and Prohibition On Victimisation

Chapter 10: Termination of The Contract

Chapter 11: ‘Goodwill’




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