Real Property Law in Queensland Fifth Edition - Book & eBook

Real Property Law in Queensland Fifth Edition - Book & eBook

By Michael Weir, Anne Wallace, Les McCrimmon


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Date: 30/04/2020

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Real Property Law in Queensland gives a clear and concise account of the
fundamental principles of real property law as applied in Queensland today.
The fifth edition has been revised and updated to deal with developments in real
property case law and legislation since the last edition. The most significant
changes covered in this edition include an analysis of the latest native title
cases in Australia and the amendments to the Land Act 1994 and the Water
Act 2000
relating to non-tidal rivers. This edition incorporates amendments
made to the Land Title Act 1994, most notably providing for the abolition of the
paper certificate of title and the change in nomenclature for settlement notices
to priority notices. The High Court decisions in Cassegrain v Gerard Cassegrain
& Co Pty Ltd
(2015) CLR 425 [2015] HCA 2 and Boensch v Pascoe [2019] HCA 49
are incorporated in revised treatments of the fraud exception to indefeasibility
involving fraud by an agent and a joint tenant and compensation for improper
caveat, respectively.
This edition also includes a review of Community Title including an analysis of
the High Court decision in Ainsworth v Albrecht (2016) 261 CLR 167, [2016]
HCA 40. The authors have updated the commentary on the Retail Shop Leases
Act 1994
and have included a treatment of Airbnb and Shared
Researchers, students and practitioners alike will find this highly regarded work
an essential reference for issues relevant to real property law in Queensland.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Development of Real Property Law in Queensland (M Weir and C MacDonald)

Chapter 2: Land Tenure in Australia (M Weir and C MacDonald)

Chapter 3: Native Title (S Sheldon, C MacDonald and M Weir)

Chapter 4: Ownership of Land: Title and Rights (M Weir, C MacDonald, L McCrimmon and A Wallace)

Chapter 5: Land Law and Equity (L McCrimmon and C MacDonald)

Chapter 6: Estates and Future Interests (L McCrimmon)

Chapter 7: Perpetuities and Accumulations (L McCrimmon)

Chapter 8: Co-ownership (M Weir and C MacDonald)

Chapter 9: An Introduction to the Torrens System (A Wallace and L McCrimmon)

Chapter 10. Operation of the Torrens System and the Concept of Indefeasibility (A Wallace and L McCrimmon)

Chapter 11: Unregistered Interests, Priorities and Volunteers under the Torrens System (A Wallace)

Chapter 12. Remedies under the Torrens System (A Wallace)

Chapter 13. Community Titles (A Wallace)




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