Takeovers Law & Strategy 6th Edition - Book

Takeovers Law & Strategy 6th Edition - Book

By Rodd Levy


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Date: 22/11/2022

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For over 25 years, Takeovers Law & Strategy has been the leading source of  practical and comprehensive guidance to the laws, procedures and tactics involved in takeovers bids in Australia.

Rodd Levy is one of Australia’s most experienced takeover practitioners, and his work considers a myriad of technical and practical issues confronted by bidders, target companies, directors and shareholders in the course of planning, executing and responding to a takeover bid.

New developments in the 6th edition  include topics and issues considered in more than 130 decisions handed down by the Takeovers Panel since 2017. The work is extensively revised to deal with developments affecting topics such as:

  • The Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle regime;
  • Foreign investment approval requirements;
  • Rules for approving anti-competitive takeovers;
  • Factors relevant to deciding whether to use a scheme of arrangement or a takeover bid;
  • The financial assistance prohibition;
  • Conflicts of interests;
  • Disclosure of equity derivatives;
  • Shareholder intention statements;
  • Takeover bid implementation agreements;
  • Takeover bid conditions;
  • Truth in takeovers;
  • Exclusivity granted during pre-bid discussions;
  • Shareholder applications to the Takeovers Panel; and
  • Delisting post-takeover despite minority shareholdings.

Takeovers Law & Strategy 6th Edition is an essential resource for anyone involved or interested in takeover activity, including lawyers, company directors and executives, investment bankers and students.


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