NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2024 - Book

NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2024 - Book

By John P Hamilton KC, Hon Justice Geoff Lindsay, Carol Webster SC


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Forthcoming Release, 28/06/2024

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A portable handbook for civil litigation in New South Wales.

NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2024 provides practitioners with essential procedural and evidence legislation and annotations in a single volume.

Whether you are on your feet in court or meeting with clients and counsel, you are guided to the content you need by features such as thumb tabs, rich tables of contents and cases, shading on annotations, detailed page headings and subject index.

This volume takes selected legislation and commentary from Thomson Reuters’ NSW Civil Practice and Procedure Suite which, under the guidance of The Hon John P Hamilton KC, The Hon Justice Geoff Lindsay AM and Carol Webster SC, specifically addresses the requirements for practice within the uniform rules framework.


These include updated Practice Notes by the Supreme Court of NSW and District Court of NSW:

  • Practice Note SC CA 1 – publication on Supreme Court’s website of grounds of appeal and written submissions for the substantive appeal hearing, requiring consideration of the need for synonyms, filing lawyer must certify that submissions and grounds are suitable for publication;
  • New Practice Note DC (Civil) 1C- Attendance at Civil Proceedings by Audio Visual Link;
  • Succession and Probate Practice Note, SC PN Eq 7, is updated, and practice in the List has changed.

Commentary is updated to include recent Court of Appeal decisions such as:

  • Offers of compromise and how to satisfy the requirements of r 20.26 – Koprivnjak v Koprivnjak (No 2) [2023];
  • Orders for the medical examination of a person under r 23.24, holding that the proper conduct of such an examination is a matter for the discretion of the expert, such examinations are not to be used for a collateral purpose – NSW v. Hollingsworth [2023] and Chopra v NSW [2023};
  • Discussion regarding when contentious evidence of conversations or oral statements should be in direct speech - Gan v Xie [2023] approving Kane’s Hire Pty Ltd v Anderson Aviation Australia Pty Ltd [2023];
  • Referral of a question to a referee - Rialto Sports Pty Limited v Cancer Care Associates Pty Limited (No 2) [2023] and Rialto Sports Pty Limited (Admins Apptd) v Cancer Care Associates Pty Ltd  (No 3) [2023};
  • Representative proceedings including the Court’s power to make a partial de-classing order – Nguyen v. Rickhuss [2023].

Table of Contents

Civil Procedure Act 2005 - annotated

Civil Procedure Regulation 2017


Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 - annotated


Evidence Act 1995

Evidence Regulation 2020

Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 1998

Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Regulation 2015

Evidence on Commission Act 1995


Supreme Court Act 1970 – annotated extracts

Supreme Court Rules 1970 (except Sch F-G1) – annotated

Supreme Court (Corporations) Rules 1999 (except Sch 1)

Supreme Court Practice Notes


District Court Act 1973 – annotated extracts

District Court Rules 1973 – annotated

District Court Practice Notes


Local Court Act 2007– annotated extracts

Local Courts Rules 2009

Local Court Practice Notes



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