Pizer's Annotated VCAT Act 7th Edition eBook

Pizer's Annotated VCAT Act 7th Edition eBook

By Emrys Nekvapil

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Date: 01/12/2022

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Pizer’s Annotated VCAT Act, 7th edition, authored by Emrys Nekvapil, is an invaluable resource for everyone who appears in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. It contains a full copy of the VCAT Act, VCAT Regulations and VCAT Rules, together with extensive commentary on the substantive law, practice and procedure of the VCAT. 
Prefaced by The Honourable Justice Michelle Quigley, President of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the 7th edition includes legislative amendments current to 1 October 2022, with case law current to 30 June 2022, together with some limited commentary on more recent cases.
The VCAT itself has undergone great challenges and changes since the last edition of this book, as the consequence of continuing to function during a global pandemic and the Victorian lockdown measures introduced in response. 
The 7th edition includes substantial changes to the text throughout the book, to reflect the changes in legislation, regulations, rules and practice notes since the 6th edition was published in 2017, and to provide comprehensive commentary on the multitude of decisions handed down since that time by the VCAT, the Supreme Court (Trial Division and Court of Appeal) and the High Court of Australia.
The book includes new discussion and analysis of significant decisions dealing with specific issues under the VCAT Act, including:
a new section dealing with the implication from Ch III of the Commonwealth Constitution, explained by the High Court in Burns v Corbett (2018) 265 CLR 304 and applied to the VCAT by the Court of Appeal in Meringnage v Interstate Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A Tecside Group (2020) 60 VR 361, in commentary included under the new Part 3A of the VCAT Act;
a new separate section dealing with expert evidence in the VCAT, in commentary to section 94 of the VCAT Act;
commentary on new provisions introduced into the VCAT Act since the 6th edition was published;
the impact of the hundreds of important decisions since 2017, which affect the substantive law, practice and procedure of the VCAT. 

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