Redmond's Corporations and Financial Markets Law Eighth Edition - Book

Redmond's Corporations and Financial Markets Law Eighth Edition - Book

By Fady Aoun, Olivia Dixon, Emma Armson, Marina Nehme


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Date: 22/12/2022

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Redmond’s Corporations and Financial Markets Law (Redmond) is a highly respected work in Australian legal scholarship and is now in its eighth edition. It is primarily designed as an academic text for tertiary courses on corporate law and financial market regulation. The twin concerns of the book are the core principles of corporations law and the advanced treatment of share capital transactions, corporate fundraising, financial market regulation and takeovers.
This edition is authored by Fady Aoun, Emma Armson, Olivia Dixon and Marina Nehme. The authors acknowledge the considerable contribution of Emeritus Professor Paul Redmond since the first edition of the book was published in 1988. They share his belief that the study of the law governing corporations and financial markets involves not only close attention to detailed statute, case law and administrative and market regulation but also to underlying values, policies and theories, and the contexts in which law and regulation operate.
Redmond intersperses the authors’ text with primary material, drawn principally from judicial decisions, to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the principles and operation of corporations and financial markets law. This eighth edition has been thoroughly revised, incorporating major legislative, judicial and regulatory developments since the last edition. The text has also been restructured to form 16 chapters on these topics: 
1. Introduction to Business Associations
2. The Historical, Institutional and Social Context of Corporations Law
3. Corporate Law Enforcement by ASIC and Courts
4. The Corporate Life Cycle: Pre-registration to Winding Up and Deregistration 
5. The Company as a Separate Legal Entity
6. Division of Powers: Directors and Members 
7. General Meetings and Reporting to Members
8. Corporate Attribution and Liability
9. Duties of Directors and Officers: Introduction
10. Duty of Care and Diligence and Duty to Prevent Insolvent Trading
11. Directors’ Duties of Loyalty and Good Faith 
12. Members’ Rights and Remedies
13. Share Capital Transactions
14. Corporate Fundraising 
15. Financial Market Regulation
16. Takeovers.
The authors have relied on their different expertise to update Redmond. It has been an honour to work on this book and bring it to you once again.

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