Summary Offences in Victoria

Summary Offences in Victoria

By Kyle McDonald


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Date: 25/06/2017

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Summary Offences in Victoria is an essential resource for legal practitioners and police, assisting those who have responsibility for charging defendants and for prosecuting and defending them in Victoria's Magistrates' Courts.

It is also an invaluable and highly accessible guide for students of law and legal studies.

Expert commentary by barrister Kyle McDonald is accompanied by the text of the relevant legislative provisions.

This work clearly sets out all matters relevant to the prosecution and defence of summary offences in Victoria, addressing issues such as:

  • Nature and functions of a charge sheet
  • Distinction between charge sheet and summons
  • Time limits for commencing summary charges
  • Wording charges
  • Location, date and other essential elements
  • Types of errors in charges
  • Amending charges
  • Alternative liability
  • Sentencing

The book also provides an alphabetical list of common summary offences in Victoria. Traffic offences are dealt with extensively in Road Safety Law Victoria (2015) and so have not been reproduced in this text. For each offence the book presents:

  • the relevant provision
  • statement of charge
  • wording of charge
  • penalty
  • matters to be proved
  • other possible offences
  • defences


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