Evidence Law in Queensland 14th Edition - eBook

Evidence Law in Queensland 14th Edition - eBook

By John Forbes

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Date: 14/08/2023

Code: 9780455502953

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Evidence Law in Queensland 14th Edition provides reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive commentary on the Evidence Act 1977 (Qld), and related matters.

John Forbes has applied his unparalleled experience to, once again, deliver an authoritative resource for practitioners, law enforcement professionals and students.

The 14th Edition incorporates fresh analysis of legislative and case law developments since May 2021. The new developments covered in the work include:

  • Legislative amendments to ss 14A-14P recognising “journalist privilege”;
  • Legislative amendments to ss 103A-103S enhancing the privacy of statements recorded for civil or criminal domestic violence proceedings;
  • High Court decision in Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Shi (2021) confirming that privilege against self-incrimination extends to questions that tend to incriminate under foreign law;
  • Queensland Court of Appeal decision in Carne v Crime and Corruption Commission that not every report to a parliamentary committee is covered by parliamentary privilege;
  • Decision in R v Thomson exploring the subtleties of cross-admissibility in similar fact cases;
  • Decision in R v Wassmuth interpreting legislation enabling police to search a motor vehicle without warrant; and
  • Decision in R v Nash confirming that admissions made to a complainant of rape, during a “pretext phone call”, are admissible.

Evidence Law in Queensland 14th Edition renews this title's well-earned reputation for providing essential guidance to the law and practice of evidence in Queensland. It is an indispensable resource for practitioners, law enforcement and law students, alike.


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