Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland - eSub

Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland - eSub

By J R S Forbes

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Date: 30/11/2018

Code: 42559928

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Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland - eSub

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eSub - ProView Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland - eSub 30/11/2018 42559928 N/A


Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland provides reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive commentary on the law of evidence. It provides the only available annotation of the Evidence Act 1977 (Qld), distilled for the reader through Dr John Forbes’ many years of expertise.

This annotation of Queensland’s evidence legislation speaks with proven authority. Helpful introductory chapters outline the foundations of Queensland’s evidence law, followed by John Forbes’ provision-by-provision analysis of the Act. Each section is reproduced in full and augmented by his unique commentary, to provide both important context & precision analysis. 
Previously, John Forbes has applied his expertise to twelve editions of his evidence law book. That unique content is now available as an updated subscription work that is updated twice annually to maintain an authoritative resource for practitioners, law enforcement professionals and the courts.

A Complete Solution for Queensland Practitioners

Forbes’ Evidence Law in Queensland complements the following Thomson Reuters products, to provide a  complete suite for criminal law practitioners in Queensland, on Westlaw:

Indictable Offences Queensland 

Summary Offences Queensland

Queensland Sentencing Manual

Lawyers Practice Manual Queensland


Table of Contents

  • History and Common Law Foundations
  • Evidence Act 1977–2016
  • Witnesses: Competence, Compellability, Cross-examination and Protection
  • Taking Evidence Outside the Court: Evidence on Commission and Kindred Procedures
  • Facilitating the Proof of Legislative and Official Documents
  • Proof of Certain Miscellaneous Documents
  • Proof of Interstate and Overseas Laws and Records and Convictions in Civil Cases
  • Documentary Hearsay
  • Machine Copies Treated as Originals
  • Simplifying Proof, Discretionary Exclusion of Admissible Evidence, Sentencing, Similar Facts
  • Other Queensland Legislation
  • Commonwealth Evidence Law
  • Index

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