Not For Profit Best Practice Manual

Not For Profit Best Practice Manual

By Derek Mortimer, Jonathan Casson, Paul Armarego, Vince Sharma, Darren Fittler, Louise Steer, Alison Choy Flannigan


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Date: 30/05/2013

Code: 30143795

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Not For Profit Best Practice Manual

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Looseleaf Not For Profit Best Practice Manual 30/05/2013 30143795 N/A
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This new subscription service is the first consolidated resource for Board and Committee members within Australian Incorporated Associations and Companies Limited by Guarantee, and their supporting lawyers and accountants.

Authored by a team of specialists in legal compliance and risk management in the NFP Sector, the NFP Best Practice Manual provides advice across every aspect of setting up and running an NFP organisation, from formation, taxation, governance and fundraising to government contracting, privacy, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution and winding up.

Critically, this work is updating to keep pace with the rapid rate of reform in the NFP Sector, such as new requirements for NFPs under the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission, and anticipated regulatory changes in areas such as governance and fundraising.


For law firms:

This subscription service provides Pro Bono lawyers with a centralised, accessible risk management resource to assist in more effective and efficient delivery of services to the NFP Sector.  Addressing every aspect of starting up and running NFPs, this work helps clarify these organisations’ unique needs and compliance obligations across all States, including detailed guidance regarding formation, taxation and fundraising.   A myriad of practical tools are available to assist lawyers with timely advice on commercial and NFP-related areas of law, including checklists for assessing and briefing start-up clients, case studies, tips, precedents and references for “where to go next”.

For in-house counsel:

For under-resourced in-house lawyers within NFPs, this subscription service performs the critical task of tracking developments across multiple areas of law, including their clients’ unique fundraising and taxation compliance obligations in all States.  A centralised, accessible risk management resource, the NFP Best Practice Manual offers guidance through every aspect of starting up and running an NFP including formation and alternative structures, taxation, employment, defamation, privacy, contracting and dispute management. Examples, case studies, tips, checklists and precedents help to illustrate the practical application of the law in an NFP environment and reduce dependency on external advice.

For Board and Committee members in Not-For-Profit organisations:

This service assists Board and Committee members within NFPs to run their organisations more efficiently and cost-effectively through increased awareness of risk.  Accessible and supported by practical tools such as examples, case studies, checklists and tips, this work clarifies current governance obligations and liabilities of members and offers guidance on key issues of concern, including government contracting, risk management and insurance, privacy, defamation, taxation and when to seek appropriate legal advice.

A 33% discount applies to NFP organisations.

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NB: 33% discount available for Not-for-Profit Organisations.

Price is for an annual subscription and includes all updates issued during this period.

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