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By John Reid
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 41820975 29/05/2015 Sale Price: Price: $83.00 You Save:

As all conveyances are to be performed electronically by 1 July 2019, this handbook is an essential tool in guiding practitioners through the duties assessment aspect of that process... more

By Gordon Hughes
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 41611477 01/01/2014 Sale Price: Price: $82.01 You Save:

Privacy Law Update 2014 – Australia’s New Privacy Regime Significant reforms to the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act ) came into effect on 12 March 2014... more

By Clifford L Pannam KC
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 41504977 04/05/2004 Sale Price: Price: $112.00 You Save:

The third edition of The Horse and the Law is a useful resource for individuals who need to understand the legal issues relating to horses in a business or domestic capacity... more

PDF 30133664 12/06/2003 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

This book provides practical content to assist commercial organisations in protecting confidential information from unauthorised access, use and disclosure... more

By Patrick Parkinson
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30122125 01/05/2003 Sale Price: Price: $129.00 You Save:

The Principles of Equity is a compilation of essays from 20 authors, each an authority in their area, and edited by Patrick Parkinson... more

By James O'Donovan
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30120861 11/12/2000 Sale Price: Price: $134.00 You Save:

Addressing the lender liability issues that arise at all stages in the lender-borrower relationship, from advertising financial services through to bankruptcy and liquidation, this book takes a transactional.. more

By Prudence Weaver, Craig Kingsley
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30119570 07/12/2000 Sale Price: Price: $113.00 You Save:

Banking and Lending Practice relates the principles of the law to the practice of banking, and outlines the duties and responsibilities of the banker and the customer... more

By Rod Crane, Ian Fraser, Tony Martin
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30117253 01/12/2000 Sale Price: Price: $113.00 You Save:

Financial Institutions, Markets and Instruments in its fifth edition is completely revised and rewritten to reflect the changes in Australian banking and the Australian financial system in preparation.. more

By Ian Freckelton AO KC
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30133500 01/11/2000 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

Criminal Injuries Compensation: Law, Practice and Policy focuses on the rights of victims to be financially compensated by order of the courts and administrative decision-makers for harm and loss that.. more

By Louis Waller
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30129796 01/08/2000 Sale Price: Price: $88.00 You Save:

Renowned for its clear prose, this classic introduction to the law text is written for those embarking on legal study or those who wish to know more about the law and understand its processes and systems... more

By Dennis Rose
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30138170 01/03/1999 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

Lewis’ Australian Bankruptcy Law was know as the authoritative textbook in the area of bankruptcy law... more

By Gerry Bates, Zada Lipman
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30141553 01/05/1998 Sale Price: Price: $113.00 You Save:

The environmental performance of corporations in Australia and overseas is under increasing scrutiny... more

By Ray De Lucia, John Peters
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30143635 01/04/1998 Sale Price: Price: $113.00 You Save:

The banking industry has experienced fundamental and widespread change... more

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30114854 27/03/1998 Sale Price: Price: $176.00 You Save:

Taxation Law in Australia is considered a text without rival... more

By Graham Roberts
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30132596 20/02/1998 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

The rules of evidence operate within the context of specific facts and are an integral part of the process of proof... more

By Peter Gillies
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30133146 01/07/1997 Sale Price: Price: $123.00 You Save:

Peter Gillies’ Criminal Law remains among the most loved treatments of the impact in Australia of what has been described the “common law of crime”... more

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30119023 22/02/1997 Sale Price: Price: $91.00 You Save:

Investigating crime: a guide to the powers of agencies involved in the investigation of crime is a unique title, originally published 1996... more

PDF 30124878 15/09/1996 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

The special rules which govern the reading and interpretation of an Act of Parliament also govern the reading and understanding of statutes, bylaws, regulations, ordinances and proclamations... more

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30127746 23/04/1996 Sale Price: Price: $97.00 You Save:

Introduction to Torts published in 1996 and covers much of the judicial activity of The High Court in relation to tort principles... more

By Stephen Colbran, Sherryl Jackson
Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA
PDF 30123711 01/02/1996 Sale Price: Price: $138.00 You Save:

Published in 1996, Caveats was the definitive text for conveyancing practitioners, commercial and general lawyers, financiers and anyone concerned about the transfer of land, mortgages and securities.. more

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